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5 Pattern-Sequencer

This Chapter explains how to use the Pattern-Sequencer (the different Step Sequencers) in the G-Stomper Applications.

Furthermore it explains how to load and save Patterns and Sound Sets. G-Stomper provides 4 different Step Sequencers:

• The Drum Machine (the main, sample based Step Sequencer) (G-Stomper Studio, G-Stomper Rhythm)

• The Sampler Track Grid (a multi-Track Beat Sequencer) (G-Stomper Studio, G-Stomper Rhythm)

• The Sampler Note Grid (a monophonic piano-roll like grid Sequencer) (G-Stomper Studio)

• The VA-Beast Poly Grid (a polyphonic piano-roll like grid Sequencer) (G-Stomper Studio, G-Stomper VA-Beast standalone)

Each Step Sequencer provides a common set of Sequencer controls. (see Chapter: Common Step Sequencer Controls)

The “Common Step Sequencer Controls” are available on all Step Sequencers (with some exceptions).

Beside the “Common Step Sequencer Controls”, each Sequencer has special features which are explained in the dedicated Chapters below.

Note: All Step Sequencers are used to create Patterns, which are the smallest building Elements in the G-Stomper Applications. So when you’re working with the Step Sequencers, then you’re always working on Patterns.


5.1 Patterns5.1.1 Load Patterns5.1.2 Save Patterns5.1.3 Import G-Stomper Rhythm/VA-Beast Patterns5.1.4 Clear Patterns5.1.5 Custom Initial Pattern5.2 Sound Sets5.2.1 Load Sound Sets5.2.2 Save Sound Sets5.3 Common Step Sequencer Controls5.3.1 Position Controls (all Step Sequencers)5.3.2 Loop (all Step Sequencers)5.3.3 Play/Edit-Position Link Mode (all Step Sequencers)5.3.4 The Auto-Clone Bars feature on the Position Controls (all Step Sequencers)5.3.5 Auto-Clone Bars Clone Rules (all Step Sequencers)5.3.6 Step Shift Controls (all Step Sequencers) Basic behavior (all Sequencer views) Main Drum Machine – Extras5.3.6.3 Sampler Note Grid / VA-Beast Poly Grid - Extras5.3.7 Note Shift Controls (Sampler Note Grid, VA-Beast Poly Grid)5.4 Main Drum Machine5.4.1 Step Controls5.4.2 Accent5.4.2.1 Chain Trigger~Accent OFF (default) Chain Trigger~Accent ON5.4.3 Velocity5.4.4 Micro Step5.4.5 Step Condition5.4.6 Step Condition Types5.4.7 Step Edit5.4.8 Note Edit5.4.9 Note Edit Silent Mode5.4.10 Note Edit + Step Edit5.4.11 Note Step-by-Step Recording5.4.12 Rhythm Arpeggio5.4.12.1 Use the Rhythm Arpeggio on a single Track5.4.12.2 Use the Rhythm Arpeggio on a multiple Tracks5.4.13 Stutter Effect5.4.13.1 Use the Stutter Effect5.5 Sampler Track Grid5.5.1 Step Controls5.5.2 Accent5.5.2.1 Chain Trigger~Accent OFF (default) Chain Trigger~Accent ON5.5.3 Random5.5.4 Reverse5.6 Sampler Note Grid5.6.1 Grid Cells (Step Controls)5.6.2 Link Note~Trigger ON/OFF5.6.3 Random5.6.4 Reverse5.6.5 Invert5.6.6 Note Shift5.6.7 Step Shift5.6.8 Grid Config5.7 VA-Beast Poly Grid5.7.1 Grid Cells (Step Controls)5.7.2 Change the Length of Note Events5.7.3 Change the Velocity of Note Events5.7.4 Move Note Events by Micro Steps5.7.5 Random5.7.6 Random Key Velocity5.7.7 Reverse5.7.8 Invert5.7.9 Note Shift5.7.10 Step Shift5.7.11 Grid Config

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