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Trigger and Accent steps are edited independently.

In Normal Mode (Accent disabled) you’re editing the regular sequence, the Trigger sequence. The regular sequence does trigger (play) a sound for every enabled Step.

In Normal Mode you see only Trigger steps (accentuated and non-accentuated ones).


If Accent is enabled, you’re editing the Accent sequence instead. In Accent Mode you see both, Accent steps and Trigger steps.



An accentuated step (01, 09) is played at a higher (or lower) level than on non-accentuated steps (05, 13). The actual level of an accentuated step depends on the Accent Amount (which goes from -100 to

+100). Accent Amount > 0 plays the sample louder, Accent Amount < 0 plays the sample less loud (also known as ghost notes) in relation to regular non-accentuated steps.

Note: An enabled Accent Step where no sample is triggered (e.g. 07) has no effect in the regular sequence But such Accents can still make sense since these are used by the Rhythm Arpeggio for example.


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