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User Manual

App Version: 5.8.1

Date: 11/10/2019


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Contents5 Pattern-Sequencer5.1 Patterns (G-Stomper Studio, -Rhythm, -VA-Beast)5.1.1 Load Pattern5.1.2 Save Pattern5.1.3 Import G-Stomper Rhythm/VA-Beast Pattern (G-Stomper Studio)5.1.4 Clear Pattern5.1.5 Custom Initial Pattern5.2 Track Patterns & Scenes (G-Stomper Producer)5.2.1 Track Patterns5.2.2 Scenes5.2.3 Load Scene5.2.4 Save Scene5.2.5 Import G-Stomper Studio/Rhythm/VA-Beast Pattern as Scene5.2.6 Clear Scene5.2.7 Clear Track Pattern5.3 Sound Sets (G-Stomper Studio, -Rhythm, -Producer)5.3.1 Load Sound Set5.3.2 Save Sound Set5.4 Common Step Sequencer Controls5.4.1 Position Controls5.4.2 Loop (G-Stomper Studio, -Rhythm, -VA-Beast)5.4.3 Edit/Play-Position Link Mode5.4.4 The Auto-Clone Bars feature on the Position Controls5.4.5 Auto-Clone Bars Clone Rules5.4.6 Step Shift Controls5.4.7 Note Shift Controls on Tonal Grids (G-Stomper Studio, -VA-Beast, -Producer)5.5 Drum Machine (G-Stomper Studio, -Rhythm, -Producer)5.5.1 Step Controls5.5.2 Normal (Trigger)5.5.3 Accent & Velocity5.5.4 Accent5.5.5 Velocity5.5.6 Micro Step5.5.7 Step Condition5.5.8 Step Condition Types5.5.9 Step Edit5.5.10 Note Edit5.5.11 Note Edit Silent Mode5.5.12 Note Edit + Step Edit5.5.13 Note Step-by-Step Recording5.5.14 Rhythm Arpeggio (G-Stomper Studio, -Rhythm)5.5.15 Stutter Effect (G-Stomper Studio, -Rhythm)5.6 Sampler Track Grid (G-Stomper Studio, -Rhythm)5.6.1 Step Controls5.6.2 Normal (Trigger)5.6.3 Accent5.6.4 Random5.6.5 Reverse5.7 Sampler Note Grid (G-Stomper Studio, -Producer)5.7.1 Grid Cells (Step Controls)5.7.2 Link Note~Trigger ON/OFF5.7.3 Random5.7.4 Reverse5.7.5 Invert5.7.6 Note Shift5.7.7 Step Shift5.7.8 Grid Config5.8 VA-Beast Poly Grid (G-Stomper Studio, -VA-Beast, -Producer)5.8.1 Grid Cells (Step Controls)5.8.2 Change the Length of Note Events5.8.3 Change the Velocity of Note Events5.8.4 Move Note Events by Micro Steps5.8.5 Random5.8.6 Random Key Velocity5.8.7 Reverse5.8.8 Invert5.8.9 Note Shift5.8.10 Step Shift5.8.11 Grid Config

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