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5.4 Common Step Sequencer Controls


5.4.1 Position Controls5.4.1.1 Basic behavior for all Step Sequencers5.4.1.2 Drum Machine in Note Edit Mode – Extras (G-Stomper Studio, -Rhythm, -Producer)5.4.2 Loop (G-Stomper Studio, -Rhythm, -VA-Beast)5.4.3 Edit/Play-Position Link Mode5. The Auto-Clone Bars feature on the Position Controls5.4.5 Auto-Clone Bars Clone Rules5.4.6 Step Shift Controls5.4.6.1 Basic behavior for all Step Sequencers5.4.6.2 Drum Machine – Extras (G-Stomper Studio, -Rhythm, -Producer) Tonal Grids – Extras (G-Stomper Studio, -VA-Beast)5.4.7 Note Shift Controls on Tonal Grids (G-Stomper Studio, -VA-Beast, -Producer)

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