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5.4.8 Note Edit


The Note Edit Mode can be used to set the Note (tonal pitch) for the selected Sampler Track.

You can use it to simply set the the base Note for a Track, or in combination with the Step Edit Mode to set the Note on a particluar Step.

In Note Edit Mode, the Steps on the Main Drum Machine turn into an 8-Octave Piano Keyboard. When the Note Edit Mode is enabled (but NOT the Step Edit Mode), you set the main playback Note (tonal pitch) for the selected Track.

Click the Steps to select (and play) a specific Note for the selected Track.


The default Note is C4 (Midi 60).

You can switch between the Octaves 0-7 using the Position Controls on the left.

On the Main Drum Machine, if the Note Edit Mode is turned ON, the Position Controls show the current Octave instead of the Edit-Position.

The current Octave:


< > Buttons:


Short Click : Octave UP/DOWN

Long Click : Play Position UP/DOWN

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