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5.4 Main Drum Machine

The Drum Machine is a classic Step-Sequencer, where you can create/edit Sequences using the Samplers. You can edit one Track (the selected Track) at a time.



5.4.1 Step Controls5.4.2 Accent5.4.2.1 Chain Trigger~Accent OFF (default) Chain Trigger~Accent ON5.4.3 Velocity5.4.4 Micro Step5.4.5 Step Condition5.4.6 Step Condition Types5.4.7 Step Edit5.4.8 Note Edit5.4.9 Note Edit Silent Mode5.4.10 Note Edit + Step Edit5.4.11 Note Step-by-Step Recording5.4.12 Rhythm Arpeggio5.4.12.1 Use the Rhythm Arpeggio on a single Track5.4.12.2 Use the Rhythm Arpeggio on a multiple Tracks5.4.13 Stutter Effect5.4.13.1 Use the Stutter Effect

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