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Depending on the particular Sequencer, the Position Controls might have extra features. Basic behavior for all Step Sequencers

A Pattern can have a max length of 8 Bars, while each Bar can have a length of max 16 Steps.

To change the Edit or Play Position using the Position Controls, the Pattern must have a length greater than 1 Bar. The initial Pattern length of 1 Bar can be changed on the “Timing & Measure” screen (see Chapter: Timing & Measure).

The graphical editors of the Step Sequencers are limited to 16 Steps, in other words you can show only one Bar at time. Use the Position Controls Left/Right buttons to scroll through the Bars within a Pattern.

The Position LEDs show the Play and Edit position in the pattern.

The Play Position:


The Edit Position:


< > Buttons:


Short Click : Edit Position UP/DOWN Long Press : Play Position UP/DOWN

Note: If required, the Edit and Play Positions can be linked, so that they follow each other. (see Chapter: Edit/Play-Pos Link Mode)

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