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5.4.4 Micro Step

To get the most possible timing variety/dynamics, you can move each drum machine step individually towards the next regular Step (forward) by 1-31 micro steps (every step has a total duration of 32 micro steps). Setting a value of 31 to step 01 means that step 01 will be fired one micro step before step 02.

You can use Micro Steps to create totally asynchronous drum tracks, but also to apply individual shuffle settings per track (and even per step). And as a matter of course, the regular shuffle/swing feature can be used in combination with the micro steps.

On the Main Drum Machine, when you enable Micro Step, the 16 steps turn into 16 Micro Step sliders.


Once enabled, use the sliders to set the Micro Step movement of each (enabled) step (default: zero).


Note: Click the LED below a slider to show its current value (without the risk of changing it).

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