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5.4.5 Step Condition

With Step Conditions you can add a lot of variation to your Drum Patterns. You can apply a conditional rule to each enabled step. Instead of just firing the step, the sequencer will evaluate the condition to determine whether the step should be fired or not. If the condition is true, then the step will be fired (the sample will be played). If the condition is false, the step will be suppressed.

Step Conditions give you the ultimate power to create incredible self evolving drum patterns.

Let's say you have a one bar pattern (16 steps). This will sound quite monotone, as it just repeats the same 16 steps over and over.

When you now apply conditions to partial steps, you'll be able to create a lot of variations, which let the pattern evolve over multiple loop cycles. To be able to apply step conditions, the step must be enabled. Steps that aren't enabled won't play at all.

On the Main Drum Machine, when you enable Step Cond, the 16 steps turn into 16 Step Condition sliders.


Once enabled, use the sliders to set the Condition of each (enabled) step (default: ALL).


Note: Click the LED below a slider to show its current value (without the risk of changing it).

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