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5.1 Patterns

Patterns are the smallest building elements in the G-Stomper Applications.

A Pattern is a short Sequence with a max length of 8 Bars, where each Bar can have a max length of 16 Steps. In other words, the max length of a Pattern is 128 Steps.

(see also Chapter: Timing & Measure) A Pattern consists of:

• Sampler Tracks

- Main Sequence

- Sampler Presets

• VA-Beast Synthesizer Tracks

- Main Sequence

- VA-Beast Synthesizer Presets

• Effects and Master Setup

• Mixer and EQ Setup

• A large amount of Automation Tracks

Ergo, Patterns are Loop Sequences which contain Triggers, Notes, Automations and Sound Presets, in fact the complete Musical Setup of G-Stomper.

Patterns are used as building elements for Songs or Live Sessions.


5.1.1 Load Patterns5.1.2 Save Patterns5.1.3 Import G-Stomper Rhythm/VA-Beast Patterns5.1.4 Clear Patterns5.1.5 Custom Initial Pattern

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