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5.3.5 Auto-Clone Bars Clone Rules (all Step Sequencers)

Even if auto cloning sequence changes to all other bars is a pretty nice thing, it is not always the most suitable behavior.

More usual is the situation that you want to clone your changes to every 2nd or every 4th Bar, or even better to most suitable Bars (from the rhythmical point of view).

Therefore the “Auto-Clone Bars” feature has multiple Clone Rules to choose from.

Long click the Position LEDs to show up the “Clone Rule” selection dialog.


Then select your desired Clone Rule from the dialog.


Once you changed the Rule, the “C” marked Bars change in the Position LEDs.


That way you have always full visual control, how your changes get cloned.

All : Clones to all other Bars Every 2nd : Clones to every 2nd Bar Every 4th : Clones to every 4th Bar

Intelligent : Clones dynamically depending on the currently edited Bar/Position. Bar 1 : Clones to all other Bars

Bar 2, 3 : Clones to every 2nd Bar Bar 4, 5, 6, 7 : Clones to every 4th Bar Bar 8 : Does not clone at all

Note: With the Intelligent Rule, you have the full freedom to start straight away with an 8 Bar Pattern, without having to change the Pattern length multiple times during the creation process, and without having to copy a single step manually to another bar.

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