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5.3.4 The Auto-Clone Bars feature on the Position Controls (all Step Sequencers)

The Auto-Clone Bars feature is maybe one of the most powerful functions in the G-Stomper Step Sequencers.

We all know the situation, when you start with a 1 Bar Pattern to create the first loop. Then you change the length to 2 or 4 and add some variations, and finally you change it to 8 Bars and add again more variation.

Usually at this point, then when your Pattern is 8 Bars long already, you want to change something on all bars, add some accentuation to the high hats for example. On most Drum Machines the only one way to achieve this, is to change the high hat sequence manually on all bars, which can be quite annoying if you have to repeat it over and over until you have all 8 Bars changed.

With “Auto-Clone Bars” feature you have to change the sequence only on a single Bar while “Auto-Clone Bars” clones your changes to the other Bars.

Note: Enabling “Auto-Clone Bars” has only an effect, if the Pattern length is greater than 1 Bar. Click the Position LEDs to turn “Auto-Clone Bars” ON/OFF.



If you don’t want to see the confirmation dialog again, enable the „Got it! Don’t show this dialog again“ checkbox.

Once the „Auto-Clone Bars“ is turned ON, all automatically cloned Bars are marked with the letter “C”.


While “Auto-Clone Bars” is enabled, all supported actions (listed below) are automatically cloned to all from the currently edited Bar to all “C” marked Bars:

• Changes in the regular Sequence (Steps, Accents and Notes).

• Sequence Randomization (Sampler Track Grid, Sampler Note Grid, VA-Beast Poly Grid)

• Parameter Changes (automatable Parameters only) in Step Edit Mode

• General Parameter Automation Generation and Randomization

• Selections on the VA-Beast Poly Grid (in edit mode)

• Selections on the Sampler Note Grid (in edit mode)

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