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5.2.1 Load Sound Sets

Show up the Main Menu (on every screen).


To load a Sound Set, select the LOAD tab, and then choose …

… “Factory Sound Set” to load a Sound Set provided by the G-Stomper app or by an Add-On Pack

… “User Sound Set” to load one of your own Sound Sets

… “Sound Set from Pattern” to import the Sound Set from an existing Pattern


Then select one of the Sound Sets (or in case of “Sound Set from Pattern” a Pattern), …


Note: Click “Get More” to download more Sound Sets, Samples or Presets from your favourite App Store.

… select the content you want to load and confirm with OK.



The Factory Sound Sets contain Samples and Sampler Presets.

User Sound Sets can contain everything you can save with a Pattern (with exception of the sequence):

- Samples

- Sampler Presets (Track Params incl. Mixer)

- Sampler [MIDI Instrument] Flags

- Sampler Track Names

- Sampler Mute Groups

- VA-Beast Presets (Track Params incl. Mixer)

- VA-Beast [MIDI Instrument] Flags

- VA-Beast Track Names

- FX1 - FX3

- Master (+SUM FX)

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