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5.5.2 Accent

Accentuation is used to add dynamics to your drum sequences.

An accentuated step is played at a higher (or lower) level than on non-accentuated steps. The actual level of an accentuated step depends on the Accent Amount (which goes from -100 to +100). Accent Amount > 0 plays the sample louder, Accent Amount < 0 plays the sample less loud (also known as ghost notes) in relation to regular non-accentuated steps.

Note: On the Main Drum Machine, when you enable Accent, the Level fader turns to Accent and controls the Accent amount. Use Accent fader to adjust Accent Amount.


The Accent module has two main operation modes:

Chain Trigger~Accent OFF: Both, Trigger and Accent steps are edited independently.

Chain Trigger~Accent ON: Trigger and Accent steps are chained and controlled by multiple clicks.

Both modes are used in many popular hardware and software grooveboxes. Which one fits better for you is only depending on your personal taste.

Toggle the ‘Chain Trigger~Accent’ mode ON/OFF by long pressing the Accent button.

image Chain Trigger~Accent OFF (default) Chain Trigger~Accent ON

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