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5.6.2 Link Note~Trigger ON/OFF

By default, on the Sampler Note Grid, Triggers and Notes are linked. This means in other words, if you set a Note, then a Trigger is set as well, and if you set a Trigger, then a Note is set as well (using the base note of the selected Track).

The Note~Trg Button is used to turn the Note~Trigger Chain Mode ON/OFF.


Link Note~Trigger ON:

Set/delete a Note Cell : Sets/deletes a Trigger as well Set/delete a Trigger Cell : Sets/deletes a Note as well

Random (long click Reverse) : Randomizes Notes, Triggers and Accents Reverse : Reverses Notes, Triggers and Accents

Link Note~Trigger OFF:

The Notes and Triggers are independent.

If ‘Link Note~Trigger’ is turned OFF, you can set, delete, randomize or reverse the Notes without touching the Triggers, and you can set and delete Triggers without touching the Notes.


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