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G-Stomper Studio
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G-Stomper VA-Beast
User Manual

App Version: 5.7.6

Date: 28/03/2019


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Contents22 MIDI22.1 System Requirements22.1.1 MIDI over USB (G-Stomper as host)22.1.2 MIDI over USB (G-Stomper as peripheral/MIDI extender)22.1.3 MIDI over Bluetooth LE (G-Stomper as host)22.2 How to connect MIDI equipment to your Android device22.2.1 USB Cable Adapters (required for all USB based MIDI equipment)22.2.2 USB to MIDI DIN Interfaces22.2.3 Connect MIDI Hardware over USB (G-Stomper as Host)22.2.4 Connect MIDI Hardware over Bluetooth LE (G-Stomper as Host)22.2.5 Connect G-Stomper as USB MIDI Peripheral/Extender to an USB Host22.2.6 USB MIDI Peripheral disconnection Bug on some Android M devices22.2.7 Connected MIDI Devices22.3 G-Stomper MIDI Overview22.3.1 Full Roundtrip MIDI22.3.2 Experimental Support for multiple concurrent MIDI Devices22.3.3 Multiple Virtual MIDI Port support22.3.4 Transmitted MIDI messages22.3.5 Latency Compensation22.3.6 MIDI Learn22.3.7 Available MIDI Channel Mappings22.3.8 MIDI IN/OUT Indicators22.4 MIDI Setup22.4.1 MIDI Device22.4.2 Midi Transmission22.4.3 Default IN/OUT Ports22.4.4 Latency compensated MIDI Transmission22.4.5 Drum Sampler MIDI Velocity Handling22.4.6 VA-Beast Synthesizer MIDI Velocity Handling22.4.7 Incoming Midi Note Transposition22.4.8 Global MIDI Mappings22.4.9 Sampler MIDI Mappings22.4.10 VA-Beast Synthesizer MIDI Mappings22.5 Setup MIDI Channels/Ports22.5.1 Manual Edit MIDI Channel/Ports22.5.2 Learn MIDI Channel/Ports22.6 Setup MIDI CC/Key Mappings22.6.1 Manual Edit MIDI CC/Key Mapping22.6.2 Learn MIDI CC/Key Mapping22.7 Pure MIDI Instrument Tracks22.8 MIDI CC & Key Mapping Charts22.8.1 Global MIDI CC/NRPN Mapping Chart22.8.2 Global MIDI Key Mapping Chart22.8.3 Sampler MIDI CC Mapping Chart22.8.4 VA-Beast MIDI CC Mapping Chart22.9 MIDI Import22.9.1 Import MIDI Sequence (.mid/.midi)22.10 MIDI Export22.10.1 Export Pattern as MIDI22.10.2 Export multiple Patterns as MIDI

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