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22.2 How to connect MIDI equipment to your Android device

All G-Stomper apps, G-Stomper Studio, G-Stomper VA-Beast and G-Stomper Rhythm, come with support for MIDI over USB (host + peripheral) and MIDI over Bluetooth LE (host).


Depending on your device and Android version, some of these options might be not available (e.g. MIDI over Bluetooth is only available on Android 6 or higher).

(for further details, see Chapter: System Requirements)


22.2.1 USB Cable Adapters (required for all USB based MIDI equipment)22.2.2 USB to MIDI DIN Interfaces22.2.3 Connect MIDI Hardware over USB (G-Stomper as Host)22.2.4 Connect MIDI Hardware over Bluetooth LE (G-Stomper as Host) Connect a MIDI device in the G-Stomper MIDI Settings22.2.4.2 Pair a MIDI device in the Android Bluetooth Settings22.2.5 Connect G-Stomper as USB MIDI Peripheral/Extender to an USB Host22.2.6 USB MIDI Peripheral disconnection Bug on some Android M devices22.2.7 Connected MIDI Devices

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