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22.2.1 USB Cable Adapters (required for all USB based MIDI equipment)

Depending on your device one of the following adapter cables is required:

• USB Female to Micro USB Male OTG Cable Adapter for devices with Micro USB connector https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0081CRXGI


• USB Female to 30 Pin USB Male OTG Cable Adapter for Samsung tablets with 30 Pin USB connector



Most modern MIDI controllers/keyboards can be connected directly over USB using the USB adapter cables mentioned above.

Successfully tested Controllers: Akai MPK225

Akai MPK25

Akai MPKmini MK2 Roland A-88

AKAI LPD8 Wireless (hooked up over USB)


A good practice is to use self-powered MIDI controllers (which can be used with an external power supply) or controllers with a special low-power mode (like the Akai MPK225) to minimize the battery strain on your Android device.

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