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22.4.8 Global MIDI Mappings

In this section you can set the global MIDI Channel/Ports as well as all global MIDI CC and Key Mappings. Key Mappings, which are unique in the Global MIDI Mappings, let you map Keyboard Notes to several internal functions (like Sample Playback or Solo/Mute on multiple Tracks).


Rather than Sampler and VA-Beast MIDI Mappings, Global MIDI Mappings are not bound to a specific Track.

Global MIDI Mapping are either related to global Modules or to a specific Paramater on multiple Tracks (e.g. Solo/Mute).

• FX, SUM FX, Master (CC Mappings)

• Pattern Set (CC Mappings + Program Changes)

• Timing & Measure (CC + NRPN Mappings)

• Main Sequencer (CC Mappings)

• Solo/Mute for all Sampler and VA-Beast Tracks (Key Mappings)

• R-Arp for all Sampler Tracks (CC + Key Mappings)

• Non-tonal Sampler Playback for all Sampler Tracks (Key Mappings) Note: Fixed Pattern Set Program Change Mapping22.4.8.2 Fixed Timing & Measure Tempo/BPM22.4.8.3 Non-tonal Sampler Playback for all Sampler Tracks

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