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24.4 MIDI Setup

Show up the Setup Menu.

Depending on the used App, the Setup Menu location and its content might be different.

G-Stomper Studio, G-Stomper Rhythm:


G-Stomper VA-Beast (standalone):


G-Stomper Producer:


The MIDI settings are located in the MIDI tab.



24.4.1 MIDI Device24.4.2 Midi Transmission24.4.3 Default IN/OUT Ports24.4.4 Latency compensated MIDI Transmission24.4.5 Drum Sampler MIDI Velocity Handling24.4.6 VA-Beast Synthesizer MIDI Velocity Handling24.4.7 Incoming Midi Note Transposition24.4.8 Global MIDI Mappings24.4.8.1 Fixed G-Stomper Studio Pattern Set Program Change Mapping24.4.8.2 Fixed G-Stomper Producer Scene Set Program Change Mapping24.4.8.3 Fixed Timing & Measure Tempo/BPM24.4.8.4 Non-tonal Sampler Playback for all Sampler Tracks24.4.9 Sampler MIDI Mappings24.4.10 VA-Beast Synthesizer MIDI Mappings

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