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22.10 MIDI Export

MIDI Export describes the process of exporting a G-Stomper Sequence data as a MIDI (type-1) .mid file. G-Stomper can export 1-32 loop cycles of one single or multiple Patterns as MIDI.

The following data can/will be included in the exported .mid files.

1 Meta Track (always included)

Time Signature

Pattern Name + exporting app version Pattern Tempo + BPM automation (if any)

1 MIDI Percussion Track for all Drum Sampler Tracks together (optional)

All Triggers of all Drum Sampler Tracks

The Triggers in this MIDI Track are non-tonal, in other words every Drum Track has a fixed MIDI Note assigned. You can choose between General MIDI Percussion (fixed) or Global Key Mappings (as defined in the MIDI settings).

N separate MIDI Tracks for each Drum Sampler Track (optional)

Tonal export for each Drum Track incl. Automations.

N separate MIDI Tracks for each VA-Beast Track (optional)

Tonal export for each VA-Beast Track incl. Automation.

Generally only Tracks with audible content are included in a MIDI Export. In other words, muted Tracks and Tracks without a main Sequence will be excluded.

If you export all Drum Sampler Tracks as one MIDI Percussion Track, this MIDI Track will be set to MIDI Channel 10. All other exported MIDI Tracks are set to MIDI Channel 1.

Automations are exported as well, but only if the automated parameter is mapped to a MIDI CC in the MIDI Setup.

Also included are conditional Steps (Drum Sampler only) as well as humanized timing (if applied).


22.10.1 Export Pattern as MIDI22.10.2 Export multiple Patterns as MIDI

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