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8 VA-Beast Synthesizer

G-Stomper VA-Beast is a polyphonic virtual analog Synthesizer to produce complex synthetic sounds of any variety, designed for experienced sound designers as well as for complete beginners.

The idea behind the VA-Beast Synthesizer is to offer a flexible sound engine that features classic subtractive waveforms, multi-sample based audio sources as well as very powerful FM synthesis.

Each Oscillator offers 6 (regular) waveforms with variable shape. These waveforms can also be synched using the additional sync Oscillator of each Oscillator unit. Having an extra sync Oscillator means you don’t need to sacrifice one of the regular Oscillators just to sync another one. You always have at least two Oscillators per voice even when using Oscillator sync.

Each Oscillator can hold a Sample-based instrument using the additional “Waveform” PCM. Sample- based (PCM) instruments are usually built of multiple samples, which are arranged across the keyboard and the velocity range.

Each Oscillator provides an internal FM mode when using the Dual Sine Waveforms. In this mode each Oscillator forms a 2-operator FM engine, which means you get a total of 4 operators per voice. In addition, the Oscillator modulation section offers a number of powerful modulation types, including OSC FM, Filter FM, Filter Resonance Modulation and Distortion RM.

Furthermore you’re always able route the Oscillator signals through two high quality Filter sections for further processing.


8.1 Overview8.1.1 Differences between the Apps8.1.1.1 G-Stomper Studio, G-Stomper VA-Beast8.1.1.2 G-Stomper Producer8.1.2 Piano Keyboard8.1.3 Pitch Wheel8.1.4 Modulation Wheel (free assignable Morph Group)8.1.5 Sustain Pedal8.1.6 Panic Button (G-Stomper Studio, G-Stomper VA-Beast)8.1.7 Key Velocity Range8.2 Panel Reference8.2.1 Quick Preset Selector and Info Display8.2.1.1 Quick Preset Selector8.2.1.2 Preset Info Display8.2.1.3 Lock Mixer Channel8.2.2 Oscillator 1 & 2 Regular Waveforms8.2.2.1 Sawtooth8.2.2.2 Pulse8.2.2.3 Triangle8.2.2.4 Sine8.2.2.5 Noise (Oscillator 1) Dual Sine (Oscillator 1)8.2.3 Oscillator 1 & 2 PCM / Sample-based Synthesis8.2.3.1 PCM Setup8.2.4 Oscillator Sawtooth, Pulse, Triange, Sine8.2.4.2 Noise (Oscillator 2) Dual Sine (Oscillator 2)8.2.5 Oscillator Sync8.2.6 Oscillator Modulation8.2.6.1 FM/DFM8.2.6.2 FILT8.2.6.3 FRES8.2.6.4 DIST8.2.6.5 DRM8.2.6.6 RM8.2.7 Oscillator Mixer8.2.8 Octave Shift8.2.9 LFO 1 - Waveform8.2.9.2 Destination (assign to Parameter) Depth8.2.9.4 Rate (Tempo) Tempo Sync8.2.9.6 Keyboard Sync8.2.9.7 Single Cycle (Envelope) Mode8.2.9.8 Invert8.2.10 Modulation Envelope 1 - Envelope Type8.2.10.2 Destination (assign to Parameter) Depth8.2.10.4 Attack8.2.10.5 Decay/Release8.2.10.6 Invert8.2.11 Filter 1 & Filter Type8.2.11.2 Filter Keyboard Tracking8.2.12 Filter 28.2.13 Filter 1 & 2 Envelope8.2.13.1 Depth8.2.13.2 Attack8.2.13.3 Decay8.2.13.4 Sustain8.2.13.5 Release8.2.13.6 Invert8.2.14 Vibrato8.2.14.1 Rate8.2.14.2 Depth8.2.15 Unison (Stereo) Signal Multiplication (Voice Count) Detune8.2.15.3 Spread8.2.16 Glide (Portamento) / Legato8.2.16.1 Rate8.2.16.2 Monophonic Operation8.2.17 Chord Memory8.2.17.1 Chord Memory Standard Mode (without using any KB hold switch) Chord Memory with KB Hold (the one in the ChordMem section) Chord Memory Standard Mode with audible KB Hold (the one on the Panic button)8.2.18 Arpeggio8.2.18.1 Operation Pattern8.2.18.2 Octave Range8.2.18.3 Rate (Tempo) Tempo Sync8.2.19 Amplifier Envelope / Output Level8.2.19.1 Attack8.2.19.2 Decay8.2.19.3 Sustain8.2.19.4 Release8.2.19.5 Output Level8.3 VA-Beast Tracks8.3.1 VA-Beast Track Pads VT01 – VT128.3.2 VA-Beast Track Pad Mode8.3.2.1 G-Stomper Studio, G-Stomper VA-Beast8.3.2.2 G-Stomper Producer8.3.3 Actions for Track Pads in the different Modes8.3.3.1 G-Stomper Studio, G-Stomper VA-Beast8.3.3.2 G-Stomper Producer8.3.4 Actions for the Track Pad Mode Button in the different Modes8.3.4.1 G-Stomper Studio, G-Stomper VA-Beast8.3.4.2 G-Stomper Producer8.4 VA-Beast Track Menu8.4.1 Open the Track Menu8.4.1.1 G-Stomper Studio, G-Stomper VA-Beast8.4.1.2 G-Stomper Producer8.4.2 VT[..]8.4.3 Load8.4.4 Save8.4.5 Copy8.4.5.1 G-Stomper Studio8.4.5.2 G-Stomper VA-Beast8.4.5.3 G-Stomper Producer8.4.6 Clear8.4.7 Import8.4.8 Export8.4.9 Automation

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