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1. Press the Chord Rec Button once to enable the recording mode.

2. Press the KB hold Button (above the Chord Rec Button) to enable the extended mode.

3. Press your chord one by one (each key separately). Every key gets added to the chord.

4. Press the Chord Rec Button again to save the chord

In the KB hold mode you don't have to hold the chord, and sometimes it's easier to record it that way (pressing each key one by one).

But there is an another big difference to the standard mode: Try to press first a note, then press an another one below the first note. Now you can see in the tool tip, that the list is no longer starting with a 0(zero), e.g. -15,-12,0,3,5.

In other words, the master key of the chord is not the lowest key, it's always the key that you pressed first. This is very useful if you want to create chord with a range over multiple octaves, and you want the base key not at the lowest position.

Of course the same chords can be achieved using the standard mode in combination with the audible KB Hold function (the one on the panic button, see next Chapter), but then you always have to start with the lowest key, which is not always the most intuitive way.


When you finish a Chord Recording (either by pressing the Chord Rec Button the second time or by reaching the max Chord size), the memorized Chord gets enabled automatically and you can start playing with it straight away. The max Chord size depends on the “Number of Synthesizer Voices” setting in the Setup dialog (2 up to 10 voices).

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