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G-Stomper VA-Beast
User Manual

App Version: 5.7.2

Date: 23/12/2018


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Contents8 VA-Beast Synthesizer8.1 Overview8.1.1 Piano Keyboard8.1.2 Pitch Wheel8.1.3 Modulation Wheel (free assignable Morph Group)8.1.4 Sustain Pedal8.1.5 Panic Button8.1.6 Key Velocity Range8.2 Panel Reference8.2.1 Quick Preset Selector and Info Display8.2.2 Oscillator 1 & 2 Regular Waveforms8.2.3 Oscillator 1 & 2 PCM / Sample-based Synthesis8.2.4 Oscillator 28.2.5 Oscillator Sync8.2.6 Oscillator Modulation8.2.7 Oscillator Mixer8.2.8 Octave Shift8.2.9 LFO 1 - 38.2.10 Modulation Envelope 1 - 38.2.11 Filter 1 & 28.2.12 Filter 28.2.13 Filter 1 & 2 Envelope8.2.14 Vibrato8.2.15 Unison (Stereo)8.2.16 Glide (Portamento) / Legato8.2.17 Chord Memory8.2.18 Arpeggio8.2.19 Amplifier Envelope / Output Level8.3 VA-Beast Tracks8.3.1 VA-Beast Track Pads VT01 – VT12 (various screens)8.3.2 VA-Beast Track Pad Mode (various screens)8.3.3 Actions for Track Pads in the different Modes8.3.4 Actions for the Track Pad Mode Button in the different Modes8.4 VA-Beast Track Menu8.4.1 VT[..]8.4.2 Load8.4.3 Save8.4.4 Copy8.4.5 Clear8.4.6 Import8.4.7 Export8.4.8 Automation

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