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8.2.3 Oscillator 1 & 2 PCM / Sample-based Synthesis

In addition to generated waveforms, the VA-Beast synthesizer offers full Sample-based Synthesis per Oscillator.


Each Oscillator can hold a Sample-based instrument using the additional “Waveform” PCM, while each Sample-based (PCM) instrument can be built of multiple samples, which are arranged across the keyboard and the velocity range.

As a matter of course, you can mix the synthesis forms, e.g. by using a Sample-based instumennt on OSC1 and a regular Sawtooth on OSC2. Also you can use all kind of modulation forms between the Oscillators, independent of the used synthesis form.

To switch an Oscillator to PCM, simply tap the waveform selector buttons until you reach PCM.


Note: Once you switched over to PCM, you must use PCM SETUP to load at least one sample in order to produce a sound. Just setting an Oscillator to PCM without loading at least one sample will result in silence.

PCM Shape:

When using PCM (Sample-based Synthesisis) on a particular Oscillator, a Distortion effect can be optionally applied right before the signal leaves the Oscillator.

The Shape controls the amount of the Distortion effect.

image PCM Setup

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