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8.2.5 Oscillator Sync


Simply said, Oscillator Synchronization means that you use the signal from one oscillator to restart another oscillator. Oscillator Synchronization also means you only get an output signal from one Oscillator, even though you use two.

Since the VA-Beast provides an extra (hidden) sync Oscillator in each Oscillator unit, you don’t need to sacrifice a regular Oscillator just to sync another one. This means you can have 2 synced Oscillators running at the same time.


When synchronizing an Oscillator with its Sync Oscillator, the Oscillator cycle gets restarted every time the Sync Oscillator starts with a new cycle.


If the Oscillator runs at a higher frequency than the Sync Oscillator, then it’ll result in a new Waveform which depends on both, on its own and in the Sync Oscillator pitch.

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