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8.2.4 Oscillator 2


The main difference between Oscillator 2 compared to Oscillator 1 is the fact that it provides more control over the Tune (Pitch) of the particular Waveforms.


Note: In order to hear the output of Oscillator 2, you must adjust the OSC MIX 1/2 slider.

Simple Waveforms (Sawtooth, Pulse, Triangle, Sine) as well as PCM provide Tune and Finetune controls.


Noise provides detailed Filter controls. (see Chapter: Noise (Oscillator 2)


Dual Sine provides independent Tune control for each Sine wave.

(see Chapter: Dual Sine (Oscillator 2)

Furthermore Oscillator 2 provides 3 different Tune modes.


Semi Tones (default):

The Tune faders are scaled to semi tones in a range from -63..+63.

Partial No:

The Tune faders are scaled to harmonic partials of the current Keyboard pitch in a range from - 38.0..+38.0, which makes it very easy to find harmonic Pitches (e.g. for Dual Sine FM).

KB Off / Fixed:

This turns the Keyboard tracking off for Oscillator 2. In other words, in this mode Oscillator 2 runs on fixed (Keyboard independent) Pitch, which is controlled by the Tune fader in a range from 8.66Hz..12544Hz. This mode is very useful to create disharmonic FM or ring modulated sounds.


The Finetune fader has a fixed range of -50cents..+50cents and is not affected by the Tune mode. Sawtooth, Pulse, Triange, Sine8.2.4.2 Noise (Oscillator 2) Dual Sine (Oscillator 2)

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