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8.2.2 Oscillator 1 & 2 Regular Waveforms


Each Oscillator offers 6 different shapeable (regular) waveforms.

The characteristics of each waveform will be explained in the following chapters.


Instead of a regular waveform, each Oscillator can also hold a Sample-based instrument using the additional “Waveform” PCM. Sample-based (PCM) instruments are usually built of multiple samples, which are arranged across the keyboard and the velocity range (see Chapter: Oscillator 1 & 2 PCM (Multi-Sample based Synthesis)).

To choose one of the waveforms, simply tap the waveform selector buttons.

image Sawtooth8.2.2.2 Pulse8.2.2.3 Triangle8.2.2.4 Sine8.2.2.5 Noise (Oscillator 1) Dual Sine (Oscillator 1)

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