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8.1 Overview

G-Stomper Studio provides up to 12 Synthesizer Tracks, where each is powered by its own VA-Beast Synthesizer instance.


The VA-Beast Synthesizer has 12 main sections (per track) to tweak/modulate the sound in real-time.

• Quick Preset Selector and Info Display

• OSC1, OSC 2, OSC Mod (2 Oscillators + Oscillator Modulation)

• LFO (3 Low Frequency Oscillators)

• Mod Env (3 Modulation Envelopes)

• Filter 1 (Multi Filter with 8 Filter types + a dedicated Filter ADSR Envelope)

• Filter 2 (Multi Filter with 8 Filter types + a dedicated Filter ADSR Envelope)

• Amp Env / Output Level (dedicated ADSR Envelope for the amplification level)

• Vibrato

• Unison (multiplies and detunes the signal up to 5x, for a massive stereo-wide effect)

• Glide / Legato

• ChordMem (Chord Memory)

• Arpeggio

When you edit VA-Beast related parameters, then you always act on the currently selected VA-Beast Track

(the highlighted one).

If you want to change the OSC1 Shape on VT01 for example, first select VT01 and then change the OSC1 Shape Parameter.

Note: Use the bar at the right side to scroll up/down through all the parameter sections.




8.1.1 Differences between the Apps8.1.1.1 G-Stomper Studio, G-Stomper VA-Beast8.1.1.2 G-Stomper Producer8.1.2 Piano Keyboard8.1.3 Pitch Wheel8.1.4 Modulation Wheel (free assignable Morph Group)8.1.5 Sustain Pedal8.1.6 Panic Button (G-Stomper Studio, G-Stomper VA-Beast)8.1.7 Key Velocity Range

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