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8.1.4 Modulation Wheel (free assignable Morph Group)

The VA-Beast on-screen keyboard comes with modulation wheel, which controls a very powerful, free assignable Morph Group. Using the modulation you can morph multiple parameters (faders) at once using a single control. The morph amount can be set individually for each morphed parameter.


To show up the Morph Setup press MOD right below the modulation wheel.


The Morph Setup is subdivided in various sections, while each section corresponds with the matching section in the VA-Beast Setup.


The morph amounts are always relative to the actual parameter values.

If the actual parameter value is 50 and you set a morph amount of -40, then the result is a morph range from 50 to 10.

In the following example, we set the following morph amounts (which automatically activates morphing):

LFO1 Rate: -40

LFO1 Depth: +75


When you now move the modulation wheel, then the assigned parameters move simultanously depending on the assigned morph amounts.


You can of course assign much more than only two paramters, there’s no limitation.

Note: The Morph Setup is part of the VA-Beast preset, which means every sound can have its own morphing.

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