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8.2 Panel Reference


8.2.1 Quick Preset Selector and Info Display8.2.1.1 Quick Preset Selector8.2.1.2 Preset Info Display8.2.1.3 Lock Mixer Channel8.2.2 Oscillator 1 & 2 Regular Waveforms8.2.2.1 Sawtooth8.2.2.2 Pulse8.2.2.3 Triangle8.2.2.4 Sine8.2.2.5 Noise (Oscillator 1) Dual Sine (Oscillator 1)8.2.3 Oscillator 1 & 2 PCM / Sample-based Synthesis8.2.3.1 PCM Setup8.2.4 Oscillator Sawtooth, Pulse, Triange, Sine8.2.4.2 Noise (Oscillator 2) Dual Sine (Oscillator 2)8.2.5 Oscillator Sync8.2.6 Oscillator Modulation8.2.6.1 FM/DFM8.2.6.2 FILT8.2.6.3 FRES8.2.6.4 DIST8.2.6.5 DRM8.2.6.6 RM8.2.7 Oscillator Mixer8.2.8 Octave Shift8.2.9 LFO 1 - Waveform8.2.9.2 Destination (assign to Parameter) Depth8.2.9.4 Rate (Tempo) Tempo Sync8.2.9.6 Keyboard Sync8.2.9.7 Single Cycle (Envelope) Mode8.2.9.8 Invert8.2.10 Modulation Envelope 1 - Envelope Type8.2.10.2 Destination (assign to Parameter) Depth8.2.10.4 Attack8.2.10.5 Decay/Release8.2.10.6 Invert8.2.11 Filter 1 & Filter Type8.2.11.2 Filter Keyboard Tracking8.2.12 Filter 28.2.13 Filter 1 & 2 Envelope8.2.13.1 Depth8.2.13.2 Attack8.2.13.3 Decay8.2.13.4 Sustain8.2.13.5 Release8.2.13.6 Invert8.2.14 Vibrato8.2.14.1 Rate8.2.14.2 Depth8.2.15 Unison (Stereo) Signal Multiplication (Voice Count) Detune8.2.15.3 Spread8.2.16 Glide (Portamento) / Legato8.2.16.1 Rate8.2.16.2 Monophonic Operation8.2.17 Chord Memory8.2.17.1 Chord Memory Standard Mode (without using any KB hold switch) Chord Memory with KB Hold (the one in the ChordMem section) Chord Memory Standard Mode with audible KB Hold (the one on the Panic button)8.2.18 Arpeggio8.2.18.1 Operation Pattern8.2.18.2 Octave Range8.2.18.3 Rate (Tempo) Tempo Sync8.2.19 Amplifier Envelope / Output Level8.2.19.1 Attack8.2.19.2 Decay8.2.19.3 Sustain8.2.19.4 Release8.2.19.5 Output Level

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