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The Quick Preset Selector is very easy way to select VA-Beast Presets with a single click rather than going through the regular file browser.


‘<‘ and ‘>‘: Select the previous or next Sample within a particular sample folder.


Since a VA-Beast Preset does not always refer to an actual Preset file, the Quick Preset Browser cannot adopt the folder of the current Sound. Therefore the Quick Preset Selector always keeps the currently selected Preset folder, even if you select another track. This means you can switch between the tracks and step up and down within the currently selected Preset folder, regardless what Preset was prevously loaded (or set) at the tracks.

More (or short click to the display):

Shows up the “Load VA Preset” menu for the currently selected track, which lets you browse your presets using the regular file browser (loading a Preset with the regular file browser updates the current Quick Preset Selector folder location).

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