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1. Press the Chord Rec Button once to enable the recording mode.

2. Press some Chord on the Piano Keys.

3. While holding the Chord, press the Chord Rec Button again to save the chord In standard mode, the saved chord starts always with the lowest note.

In other words, when you check the tool tip above the Chord Rec Button, you can see the chord notes as a comma separated list of numbers, which always starts with a 0(zero), independent which note you pressed first (e.g. 0,3,5).

For many cases this is the expected behavior and it's the most simple way to save a chord, since you can hear the chord directly while you record it.


When you finish a Chord Recording (either by pressing the Chord Rec Button the second time or by reaching the max Chord size), the memorized Chord gets enabled automatically and you can start playing with it straight away. The max Chord size depends on the “Number of Synthesizer Voices” setting in the Setup dialog (2 up to 10 voices).

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