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Make sure that the Track Pad mode is set to Sel/Menu (which is the default). Long click a Track Pad to open to the Track Menu.

8.4.1 VT[..]



Track Mute ON/OFF


Track Solo ON/OFF


Track Shuffle/Swing ON/OFF

Humanize Timing:

Use this feature to add micro timing inaccuracies to your sequence to simulate a human musician. The inaccuracies are generated while the sequence is running, based on the selected humanization level and a randomly generated inaccuracy depth. E.g. ‘Humanize Timing : 1/16 Step’ means that the generated inaccuracies (micro delays) will be in a range from zero up to 1/16 of a single step. Please keep in mind that the inaccuracies are only in micro timing, and therefore almost unnoticeable. But they’ll add a lot more groove to your sequences. The right amount strongly depends on the particular music. Just don’t overdo it.

MIDI Instrument (Internal Sound Off):

Enable this option to control an external MIDI Instrument with this Track, rather than the internal Audio Source. Using a Track as [MIDI Instrument] means, the internal Sound will be disabled and only MIDI events will be fired from the Track. Be sure to configure the MIDI Channels, IN/OUT Interfaces in the G- Stomper Setup before you enable this option.

Set Track Name:

Set a logical Track Name, independent of its content.

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