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User Manual

App Version: 5.7.9

Date: 14/08/2019


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Contents18 Data Copy & Clear Framework18.1 Differences between the Apps18.1.1 G-Stomper Studio18.1.2 G-Stomper Producer18.218.3 Pattern Operations (G-Stomper Studio)18.3.1 Copy Pattern (Selective Content)18.3.2 Swap Patterns (Selective Content)18.3.3 Clear Pattern (Selective Content)18.3.4 Copy FX (Selective Content)18.3.5 Copy Master/SumFX (Selective Content)18.3.6 Copy Timing & Measure (Selective Content)18.4 Drum Sampler Track Operations (G-Stomper Studio)18.4.1 Copy Track (Selective Content)18.4.2 Swap Tracks (Selective Content)18.4.3 Copy Track Sequence to VA-Beast Track18.4.4 Clear Track (Selective Content)18.5 VA-Beast Synthesizer Track Operations (G-Stomper Studio)18.5.1 Copy Track (Selective Content)18.5.2 Swap Tracks (Selective Content)18.5.3 Clear Track (Selective Content)18.6 Scene Operations (G-Stomper Producer)18.6.1 Snapshot Patterns to Scene18.6.2 Copy Scene (Selective Content)18.6.3 Swap Scenes (Selective Content)18.6.4 Clear Scene (Selective Content)18.7 Track Pattern Operations (G-Stomper Producer)18.7.1 Copy Track Pattern (Selective Content)18.7.2 Swap Track Patterns (Selective Content)18.7.3 Clear Track Pattern (Selective Content)

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