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16.1.5 Copy Master/SumFX (Selective Content)

Long press a Pattern Slot to show up the Pattern Slot Menu.


To copy Master/SumFX content, select the COPY tab, and then choose “Master/SumFX (Selective Content)”.


Select the content you want to copy, or deselect the parts to be excluded from the process. (by default, the complete Master/SumFX setup is selected)


Now select the destination for the copy process.

(by default, the destination is set to a single Pattern)


For this example, we leave the destination at „.. to a Pattern of your choice” (which is the default).


You can also choose to copy your selection ..

.. to a Pattern of your choice

.. to all Patterns in the Pattern Set

.. to in a selection of Patterns in the Pattern Set

.. to all Patterns in a selection of Pattern Banks (A, B, C, D) in the Pattern Set Confirm with OK.

Since we’ve selected „.. to a Pattern of your choice” as destination, you’ll be prompted to select the destination Pattern.


Note: Depending on the selected destination, you’ll be prompted differently (e.g. to select multiple Patterns or Pattern Banks).

Finally, select the destination Slot to copy the Master/SumFX content to.


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