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16 Data Copy & Clear Framework

G-Stomper Studio provides a very flexible framework to copy Pattern or Track data around. The Data Copy & Clear Framework allows you to …

• … copy data from Patterns or Tracks to a wide range of destinations

- to single Patterns

- to single Tracks

- to all Patterns in a Set

- a selection of Patterns

- a complete Pattern Bank

• … swap data between Patterns or Tracks

• … clear data from Patterns or Tracks You can copy, swap or clear …

• … complete Patterns or selective content

• … complete Tracks or selective content

• … complete FX setup of selective content

• … complete Master/SumFX setup or selective content

• … complete Timing & Measure setup or selective content

In Short, you can copy everything to everywhere at every time.


16.1 Patterns16.1.1 Copy Pattern (Selective Content)16.1.2 Swap Patterns (Selective Content)16.1.3 Clear Pattern (Selective Content)16.1.4 Copy FX (Selective Content)16.1.5 Copy Master/SumFX (Selective Content)16.1.6 Copy Timing & Measure (Selective Content)16.2 Sampler Tracks16.2.1 Copy Track (Selective Content)16.2.2 Swap Tracks (Selective Content)16.2.3 Copy Track Sequence to VA-Beast Track16.2.4 Clear Track (Selective Content)16.3 VA-Beast Tracks16.3.1 Copy Track (Selective Content)16.3.2 Swap Tracks (Selective Content)16.3.3 Clear Track (Selective Content)

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