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G-Stomper Studio
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G-Stomper VA-Beast
User Manual

App Version: 5.7

Date: 23/12/2018


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Contents17 Audio Export & Bouncing17.1 Audio Export17.1.1 Export Pattern Set (Song Arrangement) as Audio17.1.2 Export Pattern as Audio17.1.3 Export multiple Patterns as Audio17.2 Audio Session Recorder / Real-Time Audio Export17.2.1 Start a new Recording Session17.2.2 Stop the running Recording Session17.3 Bouncing17.3.1 Bounce Sample from a Sampler Track17.3.2 Bounce single Sampler Track17.3.3 Bounce single VA-Beast Track17.3.4 Bounce multiple Tracks17.4 Export/Bounce in Studio Quality17.4.1 Sample Rate Conversion Warning17.4.2 Change the G-Stomper Sample Rate

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