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If you export with a higher Sample Rate than the current audio engine Sample Rate, then a Conversion is required, which results in quality loss. In such a case the audio engine shows up a Sample Rate Conversion warning (see next Chapter: Sample Rate Conversion Warning).

17.4.1 Sample Rate Conversion Warning


If you run G-Stomper on 44100Hz for example, and export at 96000Hz, then a Sample Rate conversion will be applied, which is always a quality loss.

If this is the case, you’ll get a Sample Rate conversion warning.


You’re of course free to export anyway.

But you’ll get much better results, if you change the Sample Rate of the G-Stomper audio engine to 96000Hz in advance. Once you’re finished with the exporting, you can switch the Sample Rate back to your regular setting (see next Chapter: Change the G-Stomper Sample Rate).

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