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17.1 Audio Export

Audio Export describes the process of exporting one or multiple Tracks as one or multiple audio (.wav) files. For external use, e.g. in your Ableton or other studio setup, separate tracks are most suitable. If you want to share a Song with the rest of the world, then a sum export (a final mixdown) is probably what you need.

G-Stomper Studio can export either single Patterns or a complete Songs. Both can be exported as sum/mixdown (one file) or track separated (multiple files, one for each track). G-Stomper gives you the full freedom to choose what and how you want to export.

• Full mixdown

• Mixdown of a selection of Tracks

• Single Track

• Multiple Tracks in separate files

• Multiple loop cycles of Patterns/Tracks


17.1.1 Export Pattern Set (Song Arrangement) as Audio17.1.2 Export Pattern as Audio17.1.3 Export multiple Patterns as Audio

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