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17.3 Bouncing

Bouncing in G-Stomper describes the process of exporting a particular Sample or Track and replacing the outgoing Sample or Track with the exported audio. Usually bouncing is applied, when you run out of effect slots or if the audio processing gets too CPU-consuming. In such a case you can bounce a sample or a track to a single audio file with all real-time processing rendered into.

A bounced Sample or Track sounds exactly the same as it sounded before it was bounced, but with the benefit that all the used audio processing is no longer applied in real-time.

G-Stomper Studio can bounce single Samples or complete Tracks.


17.3.1 Bounce Sample from a Sampler Track17.3.2 Bounce single Sampler Track17.3.3 Bounce single VA-Beast Track17.3.4 Bounce multiple Tracks

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