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17.5 Editor Reference


17.5.1 Add single Song Event17.5.2 Add Song Events for a complete Scene17.5.3 Select single Song Event17.5.4 Select multiple Song Events by clicking them One by One17.5.5 Select multiple Song Events by swiping over them17.5.6 Select/Deselect multiple Song Events via Menu17.5.7 Change Pattern of selected Song Event(s)17.5.8 Drag/Move selected Song Event(s)17.5.9 Move selected Song Events via Menu17.5.10 Split selected Song Event(s)17.5.11 Drag/Resize selected Song Event(s)17.5.12 Resize selected Song Event(s) via Menu17.5.13 Copy selected Song Event(s)17.5.14 Cut selected Song Event(s)17.5.15 Paste (Mix) Song Event(s)17.5.16 Paste (Insert) Song Event(s)17.5.17 Paste (Overwrite) Song Event(s)17.5.18 Delete selected Song Event(s)17.5.19 Crop to selected Song Event(s)

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