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17.5.1 Add single Song Event

Make sure that either “Edit” or “Resize” is activated in the sidebar. Then short click an empty spot in the Song Arranger grid within the Track and at the position where you want to add the new Song Event.


Finally, select the Pattern to be added as Song Event.


(for more information about Track Patterns, see Chapter: Track Pattern Sets & Scene Set)

Song Events are always added at the start of a Global Quantum Cycle (1.1.000, 2.1.000, 3.1.000, and so on), and an added Song Event has always the size of one Global Quantum Cycle, independent of the size of the referenced Pattern.


Note: As a matter of course, you can (if required) resize a selection of Song Events to the original size of the referenced Patterns (see Chapter: Resize selected Song Event(s) via Menu).

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