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G-Stomper Studio
G-Stomper Rhythm

G-Stomper VA-Beast
User Manual

App Version: 5.7

Date: 23/12/2018


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Contents7 Drum Sampler7.1 Overview7.2 Panel Reference7.2.1 Sample / Track Settings7.2.2 Quick Sample Selector and Info Display7.2.3 Roll7.2.4 Roll-internal Accent7.2.5 Fill-In7.2.6 Filter7.2.7 Modulation Envelope7.2.8 Modulation LFO7.3 Sampler Tracks7.3.1 Sampler Track Pads T01 - T24 (various screens)7.3.2 Sampler Track Pad Mode (various screens)7.3.3 Actions for Track Pads in the different Modes7.3.4 Actions for the Track Pad Mode Button in the different Modes7.3.5 Sampler Track Pad Instant (on Touch) Mode (Main Drum Machine)7.3.6 Sampler Drum Pads7.3.7 Sampler Mute Groups7.4 Sampler Track Menu7.4.1 T[..]7.4.2 Load7.4.3 Edit7.4.4 Copy7.4.5 Clear7.4.6 Export7.4.7 Automation

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