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User Manual

App Version: 5.8.1

Date: 11/10/2019


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Important Note:

The Drum Sampler is available in G-Stomper Studio, G-Stomper Rhythm, and G-Stomper Producer. It is not available in G-Stomper VA-Beast (standalone).


Contents7 Drum Sampler7.1 Overview7.1.1 Differences between the Apps7.2 Panel Reference7.2.1 Sample / Track Settings7.2.2 Quick Sample Selector and Info Display7.2.3 Roll7.2.4 Roll-internal Accent7.2.5 Fill-In7.2.6 Filter7.2.7 Modulation Envelope7.2.8 Modulation LFO7.3 Sampler Tracks7.3.1 Sampler Track Pads T01 - T247.3.2 Sampler Track Pad Mode7.3.3 Actions for Track Pads in the different Modes7.3.4 Actions for the Track Pad Mode Button in the different Modes7.3.5 Sampler Track Pad Instant Mode (G-Stomper Studio, G-Stomper Rhythm)7.3.6 Sampler Drum Pads7.3.7 Sampler Mute Groups7.3.8 The Mute Group ‘Monophony’ Extension7.4 Sampler Track Menu7.4.1 Show up the Track Menu7.4.2 T[..]7.4.3 Load7.4.4 Edit7.4.5 Copy7.4.6 Clear7.4.7 Export7.4.8 Automation

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