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7.2.6 Filter

The Sampler provides a Multi Filter (per Track) with 8 Filter types. The filter is applied to the audio signal right after the sample was manipulated by the Sample/Track Settings section.


The Filter section offers 8 different Filter Types:

LP12 (12dB Low Pass Filter)

HP12 (12dB High Pass Filter)

LP24 (24dB Low Pass Filter)

HP24 (24dB High Pass Filter)

BP (12dB Band Pass Filter)

NP (12dB Notch/No Pass Filter)

MGLP (24dB Moog Low Pass Filter)

MGHP (24dB Moog High Pass Filter)


Controls the Filter Cutoff Frequency in a range from 1Hz to 14000Hz


Controls the Filter Resonance

Bandw (BP, NP Filter only): Controls the Filter Bandwidth

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