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7.2 Panel Reference


7.2.1 Sample / Track Settings7.2.2 Quick Sample Selector and Info Display7.2.2.1 Quick Sample Selector7.2.2.2 Sample Info Display7.2.3 Roll7.2.4 Roll-internal Accent7.2.5 Fill-In7.2.6 Filter7.2.7 Modulation Envelope7.2.7.1 Destination (assign to Parameter) Depth7.2.7.3 Decay7.2.7.4 Reverse7.2.8 Modulation LFO7.2.8.1 Waveform7.2.8.2 Destination (assign to Parameter) Depth7.2.8.4 Rate (Tempo) Tempo Sync7.2.8.6 Keyboard Sync

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