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7.2.1 Sample / Track Settings

The Sample/Track Settings provide the all basic Parameters to manipulate a sample in real-time.


Pan: Sample Panorama (the base sample panning, independent from the mixer channel panorama)

Level: Sample Output Level/Volume (the base sample level, independent from the mixer channel volume)

Note: In Accent Mode the Level fader switches to Acc and controls the Accent amount.

Start: Sample Start Point

Leng: Sample Length

image Toggle Pitch/Speed between linked and independent

Pitch: Sample Pitch Scale (if pitch/speed are linked), Sample Pitch Shift (if pitch/speed are independent)

Speed: Sample Playback Speed (doesn’t affect the Sample Pitch)

Shuff: Track Shuffle/Swing ON/OFF

Roll: Roll OFF/2x/3x/4x (play the Sample 1x, 2x, 3x or 4x per Step)


Normalize Sample to 0dB ON/OFF

Normalizing is useful to give Samples a boost, if they’re recorded with low volume. You won’t hear a difference, if the sample file is already normalized.


Reverse Sample ON/OFF


Randomized Fill-Ins at the end of the Pattern OFF / 1/2bar / 1/1bar (for details, see Chapter: Fill-In)

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