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7 Drum Sampler

7.1 Overview

G-Stomper Studio provides up to 24 Sampler Track, where each is powered by its own Sampler instance.

The Sampler has 3 main sections (per track) to tweak/modulate a sound in real-time.

• Sample / Track Settings

• Filter (Multi Filter with 8 Filter types)

• Modulation (1 Modulation Envelope + 1 Modulation LFO)

When you edit Sampler related parameters, then you always act on the currently selected Sampler Track

(the highlighted one).

If you want to change the Pitch of the Sample on T01 for example, first select T01 and then change the Pitch Parameter.



The Step Sequencers for the Samplers are monophonic, but for smooth transitions between the steps (in case when new step triggers a sound and the sound of a previous step is still running), the Samplers are of course able to (internally) play multiple sounds at once.

If you want true monophony (so that a sound is cut off, when a new trigger is fired on the same Track) then you can enable the “Sampler Monophony (cut sounds when played)” in the Sampler section of the Setup dialog.

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