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7.2.4 Roll-internal Accent

The Roll internal Accent allows you to apply Accentuation to the Roll internal Triggers, which makes the drum rolls sound much more natural.


Long Click: Roll internal Accent ON/OFF


The Roll generated Triggers are Accent aware, while the Accent Fader (in Accent Mode) controls the Accent amount. The Roll starts at full (Roll-internal) Accentuation and ends with zero (Roll-internal) Accentuation.

This means in detail, the first Roll Trigger is always fired at full Roll-internal Accentuation. The last Roll Trigger is fired at zero Roll-internal Accentuation. In case of Roll 3x/4x/5x/6x/7x/8x, the Triggers in between are fired at a partial Roll-internal Accentuation to generate a linear level change from the first to the last Roll Trigger.


All Roll triggers are played at the same Level.


Whether an accentuated trigger is played at a higher or lower level than a non-accentuated trigger depends on the Accent Amount (which goes from -100 to +100). Accent Amount > 0 plays the sample louder, Accent Amount < 0 plays the sample less loud (also known as ghost notes) in relation to regular non-accentuated triggers.

(for further details about accentuation see Chapter Pattern-Sequencer > Main Drum Machine > Accent)

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