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7.3.7 Sampler Mute Groups

Mute Groups are used to let two or more sounds mute each other when triggered. This is typically used for open and closed high hats to simulate their natural behavior (when you close the high hat in a real drum set while the open high hat was hit before, then the open high hat gets muted immediately).

G-Stomper Studio provides 4 independent Mute Groups for the Drum Samplers. To add a Track (resp. its sound) to a particular group, simply show up the Track Menu (see Chapter: Sampler Track Menu) and enable M Group A, B, C or D.


When you add two or more drum sampler tracks to the same Mute Group (e.g. M Group A), then every triggered sample by one of these tracks does cut/mute the the currently playing samples (if any) of the other tracks (only of the other tracks).

Conclusion: Adding a Track to a Mute Group (without ‘Monophony’ extension) has only an effect if at least one other Track is in the same Mute Group.

Note: Mute Groups in G-Stomper are stored per Pattern and can be different for each Pattern in a Pattern Set. Also note that a Track can be in more than one Mute Groups at once.

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